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Grow your firm with an Efficiency Assessment.

Identify opportunities in your workflows for automation, AI, and process optimization. Consider Genwise as a CTO and COO combined to modernize your firm. 

100% of cost credited to your implementation.

When you choose to implement efficiency improvements with Genwise, we'll credit the full cost of your Efficiency Assessment towards your implementation services.

Comprehensive 2-week process.

Unleash your firm's true potential with invaluable insights into your opportunities to make informed decisions that drive growth.
WEEK 1: collect data and identify improvement opportunities.
WEEK 2: discuss effeciency options, budgets, and timelines.

Firm Diagnostic

Evaluate your firm's processes to pinpoint precise enhancements that will elevate your efficiency. Discover untapped potential and areas for improvement within your existing workflows.

Team Survey

Capture critical insights from your team and gather vital feedback to understand the unique challenges your staff faces and highlight areas ripe for improvement. This informed approach allows Genwise to craft bespoke solutions that streamline workflows and boost employee satisfaction.


Arm yourself with an actionable path tailored for your firm. Our Roadmap outlines strategic steps to leverage strengths and address weaknesses. With this guide, your firm can seamlessly implement best practices and innovative solutions that result in impactful productivity improvements.

Accountants are talking about Genwise.

Collaborative work sessions.

Our work sessions are a vital component of the efficiency assessment process. We take a collaborative approach with you and your team to understand your unique challenges at a deep level. By working closely together, we uncover key pain points and craft tailored solutions that drive impactful improvements.

Find out what's holding your firm back.

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