Process & Systems Overhaul

Tech Assessment

Genwise will review and analyze your current technology options; map your existing systems into diagrams to easily teach others and identify areas for improvement; recommend new technology to help your company grow.

Operations Assessment

Genwise will interview your top employees to gain insights into roles, workflows, and headaches; perform a holistic business assessment and analyze key company operational processes; map processes and make improvement recommendations.

Build Plan

After evaluating your company, Genwise will compile a Build Plan to architect a path to improve operations with projects, tasks, milestones, and a budget.

1-on-1 Training

Once we've finalized your build plan Genwise will train your team on any new technology you've implemented and provide ongoing support to ensure a smooth adoption process.  

Boost Your Firm with a Technology Roadmap

Don't wander into the future aimlessly, instead, prepare an action plan to tackle unforeseen challenges and empower your staff to work with more clients, in a shorter time with fewer errors.

If increasing billable time, reducing bookkeeping hours, and improving your team's productivity are on your mind, then evaluating your technology options should be at the top of your to-do list.

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