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How to Automate Your Accounting Onboarding with Typeform and Make for Free

Why do you need to automate your accounting onboarding?

The benefits of automation in your accounting onboarding are numerous. Discover why some companies are turning to automation software for their accounting onboarding.

Automating your accounting onboarding can help you stay organized and reduce errors by limiting manual data entry. One of the most valuable benefits of automation is that it helps to ensure you have accurate client information to perform your job to expectations. Automation software also streamlines your team’s processes, making them more efficient and less error-prone.

Should You Automate Your Accounting Onboarding?

If you're constantly running into capacity issues or turning away clients, that’s a red flag that you should automate your accounting onboarding. It doesn't matter if you're bringing on five or 50 new clients a month—if your team is constantly bogged down, consider automation.

Collecting all the data you need for accounting onboarding can be a tedious and cumbersome task—this is where automation comes in handy. Automation software sets you up for success by collecting and sending all the data you need to your systems, reducing the time accountants often spend running around gathering information from clients and following up repetitively.

How to Automate Your Accounting Onboarding With Typeform and Make

Automating data collection using Typeform helps to provide the best client experience by streamlining the way you collect client information for bookkeeping, tax, and other service offerings. In addition, the data is automatically inputted into your systems, limiting the time and effort spent on manual data entry.

When choosing between different automation software options, there are many factors to consider, including cost and the level of customization and technical experience required to effectively implement it. If you want to save money and reduce technical headaches, then using Make and Typeform are a good option because they’re user-friendly and offer free tiers. The Make platform integrates with hundreds of applications and software tools, while Typeform enables easy data collection and has extensive integrations.

The Power of Combining Make and Typeform

Make is a business automation software that automates routine tasks in the workplace to make business processes more efficient. Make’s automated workflows help save time and money, while also improving productivity. Make has integrations with all of the top CRMs, including Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, and Pipedrive. It also has integrations with leading project management tools like Notion, Monday, Jira, Asana, and Trello. Make can add powerful process automation to normally labor-intensive tasks.

Typeform is a popular online survey builder that allows you to create beautiful surveys with ease. Typeform provides you with a wide range of free templates to choose from, or you can also create your own unique design with plenty of personalization options. Typeform includes a variety of powerful features that help make building surveys easier, including follow-up questions, multiple-choice responses, and advanced segmentation. Most importantly for accountants, Typeform allows your clients to answer specific tax questions and upload documents.

Together, Make and Typeform offer a potent combination for automation success. Accounting firms can solicit information from all of their clients at once with Typeform and upload any necessary tax documents. Typeform can then pass that data to Make, where custom automation rules parse, organize, and upload your client data into your database.

How To Use Make and Typeform for Your Business

Now for the fun part: implementing this powerful yet simple automation system to improve your business results. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Create a Typeform Account

  2. Create a bookkeeping onboarding Typeform

  3. Create a tax onboarding Typeform of the information

  4. Create a Make account to connect Typeform to the technology you want the data to be sent to

  5. Create templated emails for new clients and next tax year’s tax season that will collect the information you need to do your job

  6. That’s it! Kick-off your onboarding.

Don’t want to go at it alone? Genwise has helped firms to automate their onboarding using Typeform and Make. Send us an email at or sign up here to have us take the work off of your plate. Learn more about how Genwise can help your business succeed with accounting technologies.

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