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In the ever-evolving world of accounting, efficiency, and accuracy are paramount. Drilldown Solution (DDS) is a proactive accounting and bookkeeping firm that recognized a need for streamlined systems and processes to scale their business and meet the growing needs of their clients.


DDS partnered with Genwise to revolutionize their operations and improve their internal systems using accounting automation and online software. The result? DDS doubled their tax return output without needing to hire additional staff. 

Karl Grimmett
Partner & CEO

DrillDown Solution
Client Since 2022

What's DrillDown Say?

I honor the value Genwise provides, truly appreciative of their work. Their innovative problem-solving approach sets them apart. We’ve done twice the amount of returns with fewer people which brings us the capability to double our revenues and I am confident our newly implemented processes will avert team burnout.

You set a prime example of productivity and effectiveness. Genwise is awesome—I love you guys!

Customer Profile

Drilldown Solution is a forward-thinking accounting firm that has been serving businesses for over 17 years. Their mission is to help businesses maximize profitability through accurate and effective accounting services. With 600+ clients and a team of 11 dedicated professionals, DDS offers a range of services: tax preparation, business advisory, virtual CFO, accounting, bookkeeping, and dental consulting.

DDS Goals

DDS had clear objectives and goals for their partnership with Genwise.

1. Improve Scalability

DDS wanted to serve more clients with the same number of employees, reducing administrative work and increasing billable hours with accounting automation.

2. Expand Outreach

DDS wanted to expand their outreach to dental professionals, who are their primary target market. They wanted to help dentists with practice transitions, retirement planning, and CFO services.

3. Enhance Efficiency

DDS sought to streamline internal processes, reduce errors, and clarify roles within the organization. They wanted to improve staff morale, retention, and efficiency through automated accounting processes.

Ready to elevate your accounting?


The key takeaway from the various accounting automation processes we implemented is that DDS doubled their output. This enabled scalability within DDS and will lead to higher profits and revenues in the future.

"We’ve done twice the amount of tax returns with fewer people." – Karl, CEO of Drilldown Solution.

By using accounting automation and technology enhancements, we helped DDS overcome their challenges and double their productivity and output.

How DrillDown Solution used Genwise to implement accounting automation to DOUBLE their tax returns without hiring any new staff.

Main Problems

Several challenges were hindering growth and efficiency at DDS.

Lack of Scalability

DDS struggled to scale their operations due to a lack of accounting automation, which limited their ability to serve more clients without hiring more staff.

Unclear Staff Roles and Processes

Their team had undefined and disjointed roles, leading to confusion, burnout, and inefficiencies among staff members.

Missed Growth Opportunities

DDS missed out on growth opportunities due to ineffective communication, mixed expectations, and outdated processes.

High Employee Turnover

A lot of knowledge was lost internally at DDS due to high employee turnover last year, and because they moved office locations. They didn’t have time to retrain people and some processes were lost altogether.


Outdated Technology

There was a lack of automated systems and software, plus their billing processes were archaic, prone to errors, and relied heavily on manual input. This made the billing process inconsistent and time-consuming for employees. 

Onboarding Inefficiencies

DDS didn’t have a streamlined or automated accounting onboarding system, which led to manual data entry and additional administrative work for staff to gather client information.

The Solution

Genwise analyzed DDS holistically to uncover the biggest headaches facing the firm. We then processed engineered tailored solutions to have the most impact. We scoped and implemented process improvements and custom software solutions to connect disparate systems. 


Accounting Automation Approach

We wanted to create a dynamic team environment where employees are motivated, and business goals are achieved. We created a comprehensive business assessment, held weekly meetings to train the DDS team, and implemented native and custom accounting automation solutions.


We used the knowledge gathered during our swimlane process to identify areas for improvement that would have the biggest impact at DDS. We introduced automation into their task-tracking system using Canopy, a document collection process with Soraban, and designed a no-code document syncing system to improve document management.


Technology Improvements

From our findings, we implemented various accounting technology improvements at DDS, including:


  • Soraban Integration: The migration to Soraban streamlined document management, resulting in improved document access, organization, and access to client information.


  • Canopy Implementation: Genwise introduced Canopy to automate workflows, invoicing, and billing.


  • Calendly Scheduling Automation: Partners at DDS were equipped with Calendly for efficient engagement with new leads and client meetings.


  • ActiveCampaign Automation: Genwise implemented ActiveCampaign for data collection, email marketing campaigns, and pipeline management.


  • Microsoft Workspaces: Workspace tools help the DDS team stay organized with calendar events and important files.


  • Onboarding Automation: Genwise implemented an automated process to convert new leads and manage new client onboarding.

Process Improvements

We implemented the following automation solutions to improve processes and productivity at DDS:


  • Tax Organizers: We created separate smart tax organizers for businesses and individuals using Soraban to streamline the DDS tax return process. Then, we built automations to export all client documents to their document management systems.

  • Tax Return Workflows: Enhanced workflows were implemented to capture high-end processes of tax returns.


  • Swimlanes Optimization: We used swimlanes to engineer critical process improvements and communicate responsibilities and roles within the DDS team to maximize employee productivity.

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