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Grow your firm, not your headaches.

  • Outdated marketing doesn't resonate.

  • Overwhelmed with manual tasks.

  • Inconsistent and unqualified leads.

Stop marketing like it's 1999.

Traditional marketing is outdated and ineffective. Genwise takes on the heavy lifting with a modern approach so you can focus on providing exceptional financial services, not managing ads and writing blogs.

Starting at $1,800/mo.

Each month we deliver:

1 x Newsletter


1 x Blog & Social Post

1 x Inbound Marketing Funnel

1 x CRO Strategy Session

Professional Copywriting

Starting at $3,750/mo.

Each month we deliver:

1 x Newsletter


2 x Blog & Social Post

2 x Inbound Marketing Funnel

1 x CRO Strategy Session

Professional Copywriting


Website Chatbot

Starting at $6,900/mo.

Each month we deliver:

2 x Newsletter


2 x Blog & Social Post

3 x Inbound Marketing Funnel

2 x CRO Strategy Sessions

Professional Copywriting

Website Chatbot

Ad Content & Management

Minimum 3-month contract. Ad spend not included.

Wix Studio Website Creation

Craft a modern, professional website for your firm. Our team will build a custom website using Wix Studio, designed to convert visitors into clients.

Modern Website Design
Build a website that reflects your professionalism. We create custom Wix Studio sites that's easy to navigate and optimized for conversions. 

Dark Horse CPAs
DrillDown Solution
Martin Tax and Advisory
Summit CFOs
Hall Accounting Company
Get in front of qualified leads.
Delegate ads creation and management
Find clients you'll love.
Convert with targeted content.

Streamline workflows and minimize human errors.

Karl Grimmett
Partner & CEO, DrillDown Solution
Client Since 2022

Don't take our word for it.

I honor the value Genwise provides, truly appreciative of their work. Their innovative problem-solving approach sets them apart. We’ve done twice the amount of returns with fewer people, which brings us the capability to double our revenues and avert team burnout.

You set a prime example of productivity and effectiveness. Genwise is awesome — I love you guys!

What sales automation can do for your firm.

Every firm is unique. We take a holistic view of how you work.

Attract tech-savvy client.

Today's clients expect a modern, informative online presence. Our content experts craft targeted content strategies that resonate with your ideal clientele, establish your firm as a thought leader, and drive qualified leads to your door.

Unleash the power of paid marketing.

Our team of marketing specialists will develop targeted campaigns that get you in front of the right audience. We'll meticulously track results, optimize campaigns for maximum ROI, and ensure your marketing dollars work hard for you.

Stay ahead of the curve with a modern marketing partner.

Marketing is dynamic — what worked yesterday might not work tomorrow. That's why we prioritize continuous learning and experimentation. Our team is passionate about staying at the forefront of the industry, constantly exploring new tool and strategies to keep your firm in front of potential clients.

See what industry leaders are saying about Genwise.

Don't let fixable problems stifle your firm's growth.

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