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We automate workflow headaches by connecting your software.

Genwise connects disparate systems to alleviate the burdens of manual tasks and enable seamless workflows.

Connect any software.

Connect disparate software. Collect documents. Read and populate tax data. Schedule meetings. Be uniquely helpful. And much more, automatically.

Dark Horse CPAs
DrillDown Solution
Martin Tax and Advisory
Summit CFOs
Hall Accounting Company

Document & Data Collection

Collect every document without sending a an email.

Engagement Letters & Organizers 

Populate important documents with existing client data.

Tax Prep & E-File Tracking

Send your team reminders and only get notified about the important stuff.

Tax Data Management

Process and extract tax data from client documents straight into your tax software.

Minimize human errors.

Karl Grimmett
Partner & CEO, DrillDown Solution
Client Since 2022

Don't take our word for it.

I honor the value Genwise provides, truly appreciative of their work. Their innovative problem-solving approach sets them apart. We’ve done twice the amount of returns with fewer people, which brings us the capability to double our revenues and avert team burnout.

You set a prime example of productivity and effectiveness. Genwise is awesome — I love you guys!

What sales automation can do for your firm.

Every firm is unique. We take a holistic view of how you work.

Goodbye busywork.

Genwise automation gives you and your team back precious time to focus on strategic initiatives and billable hours, not repetitive work.

Erridicate manual time sucks.

Stop wasting valuable time on an endless cycle of data entry, document collection, and recurring tasks. We build automations meticulously crafted for the unique needs of each workflow (without uprooting your current processes).

Remove human error.

Reduce operational costs by minimizing the number one cause of error: humans. Automate repetitive tasks and minimize manual data entry to decrease the chances of costly errors. Plus, you'll make your team happier.

What are accountants saying?

Don't let software stifle your firm's growth.

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