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Hands-free sales.

Find and convert new clients hands-free by automatically sourcing, qualifying, and nurturing strong leads.

Accounting sales, automated.

Bring in new clients with personalized messaging, frictionless qualification, and a generally helpful experience. 

Sales Emails

Send personalized messages to every lead.


Gather client info without a bunch of back-and-forth.

Premium Experience

Offer new clients a seamless white glove service.

Improved Accuracy

Reduce manual typos and common mistakes.

Automate everything.

Genwise can automate your CPA firm by connecting your existing tools and software with custom automation solutions.

Karl Grimmett
Partner & CEO, DrillDown Solution
Client Since 2022

Don't take our word for it.

I honor the value Genwise provides, truly appreciative of their work. Their innovative problem-solving approach sets them apart. We’ve done twice the amount of returns with fewer people which brings us the capability to double our revenues and I am confident our newly implemented processes will avert team burnout.

You set a prime example of productivity and effectiveness. Genwise is awesome—I love you guys!

Bring in new leads with

Every firm is unique. We take a holistic view of how you work.

More clients, less legwork.

Use intelligent filters and data analysis to identify high-potential prospects ready to convert. Spend less time sorting and more time connecting with clients who are serious about your expertise.

Eliminate time-sucking prospects.

Build a booking system that ensures qualified leads land on your calendar. No more chasing down unresponsive contacts or wasting valuable hours on dead-end leads

Impress new clients without lifting a finger.

Go beyond basic automation with a personalized lead-generating experience that builds trust and converts quickly.

See what the industry is saying.

Don't let fixable problems stifle your firm's growth.

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