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File 2x more returns.

Genwise Tax Preparation Automation service is designed to transform your CPA firm by leveraging the power of automation to streamline tasks, reduce errors, and enhance efficiency.

Tax prep,

Boost efficiency, minimize errors, and eliminate tedious tasks that slow down your tax prep.

Your Financial Future Automated, Thanks to Us

A comprehensive process.

Every firm is unique. Our process takes a holistic view of your firm.

Data Entry

Minimize manual errors and processing time.

Document Requests

Retrieve documents faster and enhance team confidence.

Client Updates

Deliver timely updates and build strong client bonds.

E-file Status Updates

Offer real-time e-file insights to your team and your clients.

Automate everything.

Genwise can help you automate most parts of your CPA firm by bolstering your existing tools with custom automation solutions.

Karl Grimmett
Partner & CEO

DrillDown Solution
Client Since 2022

What's Our Clients Say?

I honor the value Genwise provides, truly appreciative of their work. Their innovative problem-solving approach sets them apart. We’ve done twice the amount of returns with fewer people which brings us the capability to double our revenues and I am confident our newly implemented processes will avert team burnout.

You set a prime example of productivity and effectiveness. Genwise is awesome—I love you guys!

Asses your tax prep.

Starting with a comprehensive examination of your people, processes, and technology, we deep dive into your firm to craft a tailored automation blueprint. This way, our solutions align perfectly with your firm's needs.

Build tax prep automation.

Your tools, your way. Whether it's integrating existing tools or crafting custom solutions, we've got you covered. Genwise experts will design and build automation systems that seamlessly fit into your firm's operations. If you need custom code, we'll develop it, ensuring that every piece of the puzzle works in harmony.

Train and empower.

Changing technology can be daunting, but with our hands-on approach, it's a breeze. We work directly with your team, ensuring a smooth implementation of your new systems. But we don't stop there. We provide extensive training, equipping everyone in your firm with best practices and insights on maximizing efficiency. With our guidance, your team will be well-versed in harnessing the full potential of automation.

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