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Genwise makes accounting firms more valuable.

We are a service firm that works with accounting professionals to overhaul their practice.

We transform accounting firms from the ground up by working alongside owners (and their team) to eliminate daily headaches through refined workflows and custom automation.

Think of Genwise as your behind-the-scenes powerhouse, merging COO and CTO roles to cut through the daily noise and directly tackle inefficiencies that plague profitability.


Based in the tech mecca of Austin, Texas, we're not here to sell you software or upend your workflows. We’re your efficiency experts, dedicated to making your firm more profitable and manageable, one streamlined solution at a time.


Genwise was created because we noticed that the accounting industry is in trouble. Firms are becoming less profitable, and selling a firm above 1x is nearly impossible. Most firms are stuck with outdated technology, and no one has time to research (or implement) better technology.


We know how accounting firms operate. We know where to look for problems. And we know how to fix problems affecting profitability.


But we're not just consultants. We help your team effectively adopt change and implement tech. We work in the trenches with your team to harness efficiency and ensure everyone reaps the rewards.





Our leadership.

Don't take our word for it.

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