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Saim Akif

Partner, Akif CPA

Genwise has enabled us to take on more clients. Our onboarding process is so smooth. As a perfectionist, working with Genwise has been an eye-opener.

Hands-free onboarding.

No more juggling emails, chasing signatures, or wrangling docs.

Cut onboarding time in half.

Onboard new clients without writing an email. Automatically collect documents, draft and send engagement letters, and schedule meetings. 

Dark Horse CPAs
DrillDown Solution
Martin Tax and Advisory
Summit CFOs
Hall Accounting Company

Seamlessly connect every data source.

Connect your website, practice management software, document storage, and tax software to create a centralized hub for all client information. Automatically collect and organize client data from personalized welcome emails and onboarding organizers.

Error-free client data.

Make confident decisions with accurate client data. Efficiently gather essential client information, eliminate manual entry errors, and ensure accuracy across your firm.

5-star client experience.

Set the stage for long-lasting relationships and empower new clients. Reduce frustration to foster a positive experience that leaves your clients feeling valued and appreciated.

See what our clients say.

Learn if onboarding automation is a fit for your firm.

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