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Accounting Technology Comparison Guide: Karbon vs. Canopy

Picking the Best Practice Management Tech

Many accounting firms today are turning to automation to make accounting easier and more efficient. Accounting automation integration has become a popular option for small and medium-sized businesses that want to keep up with the changing times and streamline their accounting processes. Automation integration allows businesses to automate repetitive tasks or manual data entry that requires human intervention. The two software options this article focuses on, Canopy and Karbon, are software programs that can be integrated directly into existing workflows to help businesses scale up quickly and efficiently.

Karbon and Canopy are both used by accountants for their day-to-day operations. Karbon offers features like time tracking, CRM integration, and document management, while Canopy offers features like email marketing, billing automation, and data analytics.

In this article, we will compare Karbon vs. Canopy so you can determine which one is better suited for your needs.

Karbon Overview — The Best Accounting Software For Integrating Systems & Connectivity of Accounts

Karbon is simple accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. It’s designed to be an all-in-one solution for accountants and bookkeepers who need to manage multiple clients.

Karbon offers a practice management solution that connects differing and often siloed parts of a firm — including teams, clients, systems, and data — bringing them all together in one place, whether remote or in the office. Karbon enables seamless communication and workflows so teams know who’s doing what, when, why, and how, significantly improving visibility, efficiency, and connectivity.

Karbon also offers connectivity of accounts. This means you can link it with other software such as QuickBooks Online, Xero, FreshBooks, or any other accounting software and easily import your data from these programs into Karbon with zero hassle.

Canopy Overview — The Best Accounting Software For Operating Systems & Data Entry Of Accounts

Canopy is an affordable yet powerful practice management software that has been designed for both Mac and Windows to keep teams organized.

Canopy helps improve how you manage your business by providing you with the tools to keep track of your finances, ensuring you have all the vital information for making decisions quickly and efficiently. Plus, the software interface is easy to understand and use, which eliminates the need for extensive training time.

Accounting software can be daunting to evaluate. But most software can integrate with other business apps and dedicated accounting programs like QuickBooks. Interfaces are usually designed to make the user experience simpler so users don’t have to worry about training time. If you’re looking for a solution to your headaches and you need it now, Canopy may be your best bet.

Comparing the Tools — Canopy vs Karbon


Both Canopy and Karbon have APIs that allow developers to connect directly with their systems. If you want to hire developers to build a robust, custom system, both software options can be molded to fit your needs.

Karbon — Broad native integrations to a suite of apps including Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, QuickBooks, and Zapier. These integrations allow you to connect your email and other ecosystem apps to streamline your data and automate common processes.

Canopy — Zapier integrations and templates for pre-configured workflows or DIY tools. Canopy can trigger real-time workflows to keep itself in constant contact with contacts, client data, and email communications.

Ease of Use

Karbon — Boasts a sleek interface, but there are some issues with the calendar (we can expect an updated calendar this summer) and email integrations (although most users perform Karbon’s email integrations to Canopy). Users have reported that the Karbon task list can be overwhelming, especially to new users.

Apple App Store Mobile App review: 4.6 stars with 11 ratings

Canopy — Boasts great migration tools, an extensive knowledge base, and tutorials for problems operating the system. Users have also submitted complaints about the task feature being clunky. This seems to be a trend with accounting practice management software. Email integration is not as robust as Karbon. Canopy receives high marks for continually improving its software and adding new integrations. However, users tend to express dissatisfaction with application customer support.

Apple App Store Mobile App review: 4.8 stars with 297 rating


A key difference between Karbon and Canopy is that Karbon’s pricing structure is simpler and can be paid monthly without locking users into an annual plan.

Karbon — Charges per user based on the team or business plan. Their Team Plan is $59/user per month with an annual agreement. The Business Plan runs $79/user per month with an annual agreement. There’s also a custom cost Enterprise Plan for teams of 20 to 20,000.

Canopy — Offers modular-pricing plans, with pricing based on the modules that fit your firm. These modules are intended to work with a variety of accounting needs: Document Management ($40/user/month), Workflow ($30/user/month), Time & Billing ($24/user/month), and Transcripts & Notices ($33/user/month). Canopy also offers a Client Management module ($2.50/client/year with a minimum of 200 clients).

Customer Service

Karbon — Extensive resources, a fast response time, and various contact methods, such as chat and email. However, Karbon does not offer phone support.

Canopy — Helpful resources including video tutorials, webinars, and a deep knowledge base. Their response time is quick via chat, phone, and email.


Canopy and Karbon are very similar. While Canopy has a bigger user base and more features, Karbon is very methodical in the features they release. However, Karbon offers deeper integration with your email and direct integrations with other top software. To pick the right practice management system for your business, list out what functionality you need, and then collect feedback from your team.

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