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Future Firm

Merging Future Firm's unparalleled strategic coaching with advanced workflow automation from Genwise.

Transform tax season from nightmare to breeze.

Our custom automations and process improvements drastically reduce headaches to empower accounting firms to achieve unparalleled efficiency, profitability, and work-life balance.

Dark Horse CPAs
DrillDown Solution
Martin Tax and Advisory
Summit CFOs
Hall Accounting Company

Our Vision.

We aim to transform the way accounting firms operate by marrying the rich value of the Future Firm community with the science of automation. By harnessing both firms' strengths, we believe we can help accounting professionals not just survive but thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

Saves hundreds of hours of follow-up work.

Collecting partial information is normal. Wasting hour after hour managing the mess doesn't have to be. Your team can save time by auto-populating historical tax info and setting automatic client reminders to gather information.

Automation solutions.

We specialize in customizing automation solutions that go beyond the usual knowledge and available time of CPAs. Whether your firm needs assistance implementing cutting-edge accounting software, streamlining data management, or integrating new technologies, we provide the technical expertise and support you need.

See whose already automating.

Transform your firm.

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