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Untangle Your Accounting Firm 

Purpose built systems and automation to grow with confidence.

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Data-driven business solutions

The right process

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Trusted partner network to build solutions  

The right partners

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Tools, templates, and frameworks to increase efficiency

The right tools

Our approach.

Every company is different. No one solution works for everyone. We holistically understand what makes your company unique and then build a system designed for your needs.

Holistic technology and systems designed to give you more.


Assess critical technology and workflows. Analyze expenses, resources, and capacity.


Create process automations. Implement connected technology with Genwise operations experts.


Train staff with a dedicated implementation team to get the most out of your systems.

Holistic technology and systems designed for your firm.


Streamlined operations increase billable hours


Integrated & simple technology enhance productivity


Automated tasks reduce errors


Dedicated implementation & support team eliminates headachesโ€‹

Why the Genwise system

for bookkeeping firms?

Genwise equips bookkeepers with a Bookkeeping-as-a-Service (BaaS) system that allows their business to scale their growth. Our operations team works directly with the business owner while modeling the organization's processes, implementing new technology for increased efficiency around staff members, and creating sustainable revenue models so they earn predictable income.

Every company is different. No single solution works for everyone. We work to holistically understand what makes your company unique and build custom solutions designed for your needs.

Genwise for Business Owners

Genwise equips ambitious business owners with the technology and insights to improve their company. Our operations team works directly with owners to create an improvment strategy and manage its implementation. 

Discover if Genwise is a fit.

A huge leap for accounting.

Find the best tools and technology for your team.

Pains and Gains

Pain Points 

  • “Excel hell”

  • Overloaded demand

  • Workforce burnout

  • High unbillable hours 

  • High repeatable tasks

  • Too little visibility into business data 

  • Overwhelming choice of tech solutions


  • Higher productivity 

  • Less human error

  • Reduced long-term operating costs

  • Better customer service

  • Happier employees

  • More time to focus on strategic matters

  • Increased billable time

My biggest problem was figuring out which technology to implement. Before Genwise I was trying to build a system with all the wrong pieces.

Christel Gustafson

Managing Partner,
Vine Financial Partners

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