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Helping accounting and tax pros save time.

Get the most out of Canopy.

Our custom automations and workflow processes drastically reduce client work, repetitive tasks, and human errors across your firm.

Dark Horse CPAs
DrillDown Solution
Martin Tax and Advisory
Summit CFOs
Hall Accounting Company

Streamline Canopy workflows.

Canopy's workflow automation is powerful, but mastering it takes time. Genwise builds custom templates and tailored automation to match your firm. We create custom Canopy workflow templates for client onboarding, tax preparation, and other key processes. 

Eliminate data silos and gain insights.

Tax preparation relies on accurate and accessible data. Genwise builds robust integrations between Canopy and your essential tools, like your tax software and data-gathering tools. Think real-time client updates flowing into Canopy, robust data analysis providing clear insights, and eliminating manual data entry. Break down data silos, improve collaboration, and make informed decisions faster.

Hands-on team training.

Empower your team and maximize Canopy's potential. Genwise provides comprehensive onboarding, personalized coaching, and ongoing support in addition to the Canopy team. Increase adoption, drive productivity, and maximize your team's efficiency.

See whose automating.

Get the most out of Canopy.

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