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Accounting Technology Comparison Guide: vs.

Botkeeper and Booke are two of the most popular bookkeeping technology platforms available on the market today. The comparison guide will give you a brief overview of their features and pricing plans, as well as some tips on how to decide which one is best for your business needs.

Booke is AI-powered software that automates various accounting tasks including invoicing, expense reporting, and payroll. Booke claims to be the world’s first fully automated accounting software that doesn’t require any human intervention for data entry or bookkeeping tasks like reconciling bank accounts, managing receipts, or uploading documents to cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive. It takes care of all the tedious tasks required for the bookkeeping process, such as data entry, calculations, and reconciliations.

Botkeeper is a small business bookkeeping software that provides accountants with the tools they need to keep track of even the most complicated client’s finances. Also AI-powered, it finds errors and makes more accurate predictions, so it can help accountants and their teams save time and energy.

Botkeeper Overview — The One Stop Shop for Bookkeeping

Botkeeper provides automated bookkeeping support to accounting firms and their business clients through a powerful combination of skilled accountants paired with machine learning and AI. Designed to meet unique client needs at any stage of growth, Botkeeper offers a full suite of bookkeeping and pre-accounting solutions, a consolidated platform with tools to optimize any firm’s processes, and the highest quality 24/7 support.

Booke Overview — The Online Collaborative Workspace for Accountants and Their Clients

Booke aims to usher in a new era of accounting technology designed to unify the accountant-client relationship under one technology umbrella. With a focus on eliminating data-entry issues, Booke auto-categorizes transactions and produces error-free P&Ls. Booke also lets you assign and track client tasks to speed up data collection and tax preparation.

Comparing the Tools — Botkeeper vs. Booke

Botkeeper and Booke work in similar ways, but there are some key differences. Botkeeper focuses on automation and bookkeeping, while Bookie takes a more traditional accounting software approach with a focus on collaboration and productivity. Bookie does have some features that Botkeeper doesn't, such as an automated payroll system and an accounting dashboard. Below is a deeper look at their differences.


Booke Xero and QuickBooks (Desktop and Online)

While Booke’s integrations leave some accountants wanting more, their technology is clean and effective. Booke has the advantage of youthful technology, meaning that its code is built to the latest standards to help ensure more reliability.

Botkeeper Dozens of integrations available, including Stripe, QuickBooks,, Instagram, and GSuite. Botkeeper can assimilate tax data from a slew of sources, making it a good fit for accountants and their clients who work with a variety of dispersed providers. Botkeeper’s focus on mainstream integrations like social media platforms and online shopping aggregators means that most of your client’s vendors are accounted for.

Ease of Use

Booke helps accountants take the load off of their clients by creating financial statements, budgets, cash-flow projections, and more to give you and your clients valuable insight.

Botkeeper includes services to automate invoicing, expense tracking, and payment processing for businesses with multiple employees or contractors. Features like Smart Connect remove the need for passwords and link all of your clients' financial data for a tidy month-end close, while Transaction Manager takes work off of your plate by using machine learning to eliminate the traditional challenges of categorizations. Botkeeper's customizable business insights provide you and your clients with a dashboard full of helpful insights into both financial and non-financial data.


Booke is a more affordable alternative to Botkeeper, with pricing tiered under three plans: Start ($5/client/month), Smart ($10/client), and Premium ($20/client). All plans receive a 20% discount when billed annually. QuickBooks Desktop and task management tools are only available to Smart and Premium users, while only Premium users get access to bank statement processing and the ability to white-label the Booke portal with custom branding.

Botkeeper’s pricing starts at $55/client/month, plus a Platform & Tools charge starting at 1000/month.

Customer Service

Booke offers 9/5 email support and an extensive Resource Hub to find answers to almost any question.

Botkeeper makes a concerted effort to support its clients through a custom team of Botkeeper pros who can support you and your clients. Botkeeper also has a chatbot feature that lets you find answers to your questions without having to search through the website or contact customer service.


Booke and Botkeeper offer similar services but fulfill specific needs for different types of accountants. While Botkeeper has a larger breadth of services, Booke may be better suited for smaller accountants looking to offer a white-glove service. Booke’s integrations list is sure to grow, but even now its ability to integrate with Xero and QuickBooks covers the vast majority of accounting needs.

To pick the right bookkeeping software for you, jot down a quick list of the most important functionality you need and collect feedback from your team. If they agree, compare that list with the services listed above and see what fits best.

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