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86% increase in revenue in less than a year

69.9% year-over-year growth in monthly recurring revenue as of March 2021.

Premier HR has successfully made the transition from a straight services business model to a blended SaaS and service model and is now positioned to handle exponential growth. As of March 2021, to diversify from all inbound/word of mouth referrals we engaged a Sale Development Representative Partner to begin an outbound sales process targeted at Premier HR's largest ROI market.


Premier HR is an active Genwise client and we look forward to sharing growth updates in the months and years to come.



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How Premier HR used Genwise to launch a SaaS HR platform that contributed to 69.9% year-over-year growth in Q1 2021 Monthly Recurring Revenue


Premier HR Solutions is an Austin-based HR consulting company providing human resource services to developing companies. Founded in 2013, Premier HR has emerged as a rapidly growing services firm with a longstanding customer-first approach to Human Resources. Looking to scale in order to match customer interest and growth, Premier HR’s founder, Scholley Bubenik, turned to Genwise when the company needed to adapt.

Despite being an established and trusted company, Premier HR’s systems had reached their maximum capacity and didn't allow for expansion to service a broader customer base. Like many maturing companies, they found themselves with a dated digital back-end which was creating unnecessary challenges and preventing additional streams of revenue. Growth was on the horizon, but digital operations were blocking the road ahead.


Rebranded company and increased brand exposure through engaging a Marketing & Branding Partner to create a diverse content and marketing strategy bringing Premier HR resources to those who need it most as an educational extension and lead generation mechanism.


Streamlined overall business operations by mapping out the client journey, identifying pain points in the process for clients and the Premier HR team, and engaging an Automation Partner to integrate existing software.

Restructured digital front-end and back-end of the business and connected with a Web Development Partner to launch an online portal for clients and Premier HR advisors to centrally and securely access documents and information.


Overhauled go-to-market strategy by identifying our market segments, honing in on client personas, and engaging a Sales Development Rep Partner to expand new customer pipelines.

Company Rebrand

Premier HR was looking for a modern brand with a personality that was trustworthy, flexible, and reputable while encompassing their core values of ethics, excellence, and support.

small business rebranding


Rebrand for texas small business


Genwise Contributing Partners

Genwise activated our Global Partner Network to engage with Premier HR to meet their rebranding and SEO needs. Genwise selected BizeeBee for their expertise in marketing and sales. Meanwhile, Flaco Creative was focused on the design of the brand and website.  

New SaaS Platform

The online portal is where monthly subscription customers can access HR management guides, templates, and resources to run their HR department.

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Streamlined Backend Operations

We simplified the backend operations through triggered automation to save money and give Premier HR Advisors more time to focus on servicing clients, not on data entry.

Premier HR Solutions

Founder & CEO of Premier HR Solutions
Client Since 2018

What Does Premier HR Say?

"The Genwise team truly cares about their clients. They provide great service and expertise that helped me develop and grow my business. I engaged them to develop my infrastructure so I could scale my business. They have delivered on everything and have gone above and beyond."

Improved revenue by 86% in under 1 year

Added new recurring revenue stream

Created a platform to streamline HR Experience

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